Why now and why will it work this time?

I laughed and joked with my colleagues about being overweight and having a ridiculously unhealthy lifestyle, and yet being given the job of developing a fitness festival!!

“What do I know about fitness”??

Well, I’m lucky enough to have a lot of friends that work within the industry and were incredibly supportive in my vision of the event and jumped on it, wanting to share their knowledge.

Fit East is meant to provide a platform not only for the fitness community but also to help educate people like myself who want to make changes but “never get around to it” or “don’t know where to start”.

I am in fact the perfect person to be creating this event that allows people like myself – an overweight, busy working parent – a platform to find out ways to create a healthier lifestyle.

That is exactly what happened to me at Fit East – I met Ben Gray, the owner at Suffolk Strength Academy. Following a couple of (quite open and honest) conversations with Ben, it was very clear how passionate the coaches at Suffolk Strength Academy are to help people to change their lifestyles, not just by getting fit but also by understanding the real impact improved fitness, flexibility, and strength can have in many areas, and how their current habits are negatively impacting their everyday life.

Suffolk Strength Academy has already helped hundreds of people already and have clearly heard all the excuses for failure before and I get the feeling are going to do their very best to help me rebuild my health and well-being from the ground up.

Here’s to hoping – because I am sick of the false promises and short term approaches I have tried in the past

My journey started a small while ago, and below are a few of the things I have come to realise whilst building my initial foundations for long term success…..

  • I always say I don’t have time for “ME” as I’m a busy single mum of three boys working full time but am I really putting them first??
  • Not eating healthy food, yet I make sure they do!
  • Not exercising because I am always taking them to football, rugby and other sports making sure they are fit and healthy!
  • Then being so exhausted by the time I get home all I want to do is curl up and watch a film – with a bottle of wine!
  • And just as they are starting out in life, they could be burdened with looking after me because I haven’t looked after myself?
  • I’d never thought of it this way before.

I have the privilege of working with Ben over the next few months where he will be putting me through my paces to help me change my lifestyle (Pictures will follow I promise, once I have plucked up the courage) .

So I never thought I would be doing this in public!! Every time I have tried to lose weight I have started on a “diet” a complete change in what I am currently eating causing me to crave everything and more!!!

Ben asked me what two things I could cut out straight away? By doing it stages its more achievable to control any cravings and I stand a chance at successfully changing my life instead of giving up AGAIN!!

Mochas  – I have about 5 during my day at work, a quick search on google and Ben informed me that was my daily food allowance in calories right there in 5 drinks……ooopsy!!

I also have cut out alcohol, (during the week!!) I thought this would be harder than it has been, probably because I know that I do genuinely want to do this. I’m not an alcoholic …honest but I do like a glass of wine

So I have 3 boys aged 14, 11 and 9 and life is pretty busy running them from football or rugby, swimming lessons, drama and everything else they do. Alongside working full time, I’m pretty lucky as I have a very helpful family who all help make it work. I have always used this as an excuse not to go to the gym or do anything for myself when actually that’s all it is – an excuse!

It certainly hit home when Ben said that I think I’m doing everything for my kids but neglecting myself is not going to help them when I’m ill and need to be looked after or worse!

Training with Ben at Suffolk Strength Academy started on the 5th September, Ben is just around the corner from Trinity Park on Ransome’s Euro Park, so nice and easy to go in my lunch break and before I can use being too tired as an excuse!!


About Suffolk Strength Academy:

Suffolk Strength Academy has created a non-intimidating training space that delivers an experience and an atmosphere that keeps its members coming back week after week, year after year. Training is enjoyable, focused and always purposeful, designed to deliver results that make a real difference in its members everyday lives.

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