Mindset is everything

I am learning so much about my body and myself in general during this process and Ben points out to me regularly when I am being negative or dramatic about what I’m doing.

I hadn’t realised all the things I say without looking at the positive in the situation. Even if I’m only joking It’s certainly educating me on how a positive mindset helps, not just in life in gym but in life in general. Ben’s right…the whole work out is so much harder when the mindset isn’t right.

Probably from sitting at a desk or just from generally being out of shape and stiff I don’t hold myself very well. I Slouch at lot and sit down when I don’t need to, all little things that you don’t think of if you don’t know. This is one of the great things about working with the Suffolk Strength Academy coaches, they look at body composition while I’m working in the gym to ensure that what I am doing is to the best of my ability and I get the most out of what I’m doing and don’t get injured.

So one of the symptoms of being a busy working mum is that I turn up at the gym when I haven’t booked!! Haha!! I’ve done this a couple of times and to my horror Ben has said go on, go ahead…. Do at least 40 mins!!! And get over 100 points. In the gym we wear Myzone which is a personal effort monitor. This scared the life out of me at first, as the more effort you put in the screens changes colour and displays your heart so max effort turns red!!

I’ve joined other gyms in the past where you just take yourself in and get on with it. I’ve then faffed around having a leisurely stroll on the treadmill or a 20-minute bike ride while watching and left the gym barely even breaking a sweat.

Putting in to practice what I’ve learnt so far was great, I surprised myself. I felt like I had made friends with the RED ZONE as I found myself trying to get into this area, instead of thinking I was going to die if I did (Told you I was dramatic!). I also love getting back to work where I have an email from them to show what effort I have put in, how many points I have earned and how many calories I have burnt.


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Suffolk Strength Academy has created a non-intimidating training space that delivers an experience and an atmosphere that keeps its members coming back week after week, year after year. Training is enjoyable, focused and always purposeful, designed to deliver results that make a real difference in its members everyday lives.

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